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1) Rota-dent®
We recommend Rota-dent® Periodontal Instrument highly to control Periodontal Disease. We have incorporated the Rota-dent® in our Non-surgical Periodontal Program because of its patented soft microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth, while preventing gum recession.

It has clinically been proven to reduce harmful bacteria beyond the brush tip in Periodontal Pockets; 92% of plaque after brushing for 1 minute is reduced. It rotates 12 times per second, and mimics the prophy (cleaning) instrument used at dental offices to remove plaque and stain. It keeps teeth polished and white.

2) Flossing
Brushing with Rota-dent® will clean off the plaque between the teeth very well, however it is still necessary to floss to remove the plaque at the contact points (this is where the two adjacent teeth meet). When the bacteria inside the plaque remains at the contact points, overtime their poisons start eating away the tooth structure and cavities develop. Rota-dent® cleans the triangular spaces in between teeth well, but you still need to pass floss thread in between your teeth. The contact points of teeth can only get properly cleaned mechanically. Floss thread needs to pass through; This is essential to your oral health.

3) 0.12% Chlorhexidine Oral Rinse

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% is the leading prescription oral rinse to fight gingivitis. It significantly reduces gingival inflammation and bleeding due to gingivitis. We recommend this medication for patients with adult Periodontitis, until the gum pockets are 3 mm or less, and the signs of severe or moderate gingivitis diminish. Our Non-Surgical Periodontal Program incorporates this medication. We flush out the gum pockets with Chlorhexidine after the deep cleaning treatment.

4) 1.1% Plus Neutral Sodium Fluoride Brush-On Dentifrice

  • Recommended for control and prevention of teeth sensitivity
  • Reverses small cavities and prevents future cavities
  • Anti-microbial effects that work well in conjunction with Chlorhexidine rinse
  • Beneficial for patient on radiation and chemotherapy, who have dry mouth
  • Neutral pH safe for use on porcelain crowns and white fillings
  • Will not stain tooth and dentifrice is gentle to exposed root surfaces
  • Alcohol-free formulation that's safe for use by children

6) Rota-point Interdental Cleaners
Rota-point Interdental Cleaners are made of high-strength polypropylene. They are excellent for removing both dental plaque and debris from in between the teeth, under bridges and at crown margins. They massage and stimulate the gums, and can be used as self-diagnostic tool for determining bleeding points. They are impossible to splint or break, because they are flexible.
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